jeudi 18 octobre 2007

Summary of « Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys »

First thing about the episode four of the first season is the difference between young men and the oldest men. First, Carrie took an RV with Mr. Big, a man who has forty years old in a famous restaurant in New York. She met her friends Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte but Mr. Big was in late and Carrie met a young guy. His name is Sam. Sam, his friend Jon, Carrie and Samantha went in a club. Next morning, Samantha called Carrie and she told her about her last night with Jon. She thought that to have sex with a young guy is fabulous. Another scene gave the opinion of some guys about why they had sex with an older women then him. Skipper thought that the women who had thirty knew her desires. Carrie thought that she has sex with a young man, it’s only for the pleasure but she was not really certain. Mr. Big took another RV with Carrie but she was disappointed when she knew that he was with a friend and she went in the first club for join Sam. She had sex with the young men but she realizes that he was not a good man for her the next morning, when she looked his dirty apartment. Carrie recomfort herself and went shopping. She bought a pair of shoes.

vendredi 31 août 2007

Introduction of Sex and the City

I decided to watch the TV progam “Sex and the City” because it is a good reflection of reality. Sex and relationships, like in real life, are two important subjects on this TV program. The story takes place in New York where four women have some problems with sex and theirs relations with men. Carrie Bradshaw is the first character. She is a column journalist. She writes about the relationships between men and women. She likes fashion and she thinks Mr.Big is the man of her life. Her friend, Samantha Jones, is a publicist. She likes short relationships with men. She talks more openly about sex than her friends do. Her first passion is men. Charlotte York is the opposite of Samantha. She keeps her life private because she’s a prudish woman. She’s always looking for the ideal man. She’s an art seller. The last character is Miranda Hobbs. She is a lawyer. She is very busy between her job and men. She thinks she doesn’t have time for a family. Also, when she meets someone who could be the man of her life, she’s terrified.